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Ladies' Rosé

Ladies' Rosé

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Alcohol: 12,5 vol %
Total acidity: 5,83 g/l
Variety: 100 % Merlot
Type of wine: rose, semi-dry
Vintage: 2017

Vineyards age: over 15 years

Vineyards exposure: south-east oriented sloaps in upper Brda

Vineyard: terraces, 4000 plants per hectar, single guyot

Soil type: marl (Eocene flysch)

Cultivation: converting to organic

Harvest: hand-harvested, beginning of September

Vinification: 3 – 4 hours of cold maceration at a temperature of 10°C. Must was than cooled down to 8°C in a stainless steel container. After a day the must was decanted and the fermentation started at a controlled temperature of 15°C. Decanted at the end of fermentation

Maturation: on fine lees until January, when was filtered and bottled

Bottling: 0,75 l bottles, box of 6 bottles, natural cork

About wine: The wine has soft reddish color. The bouquet is fruity, with predominant notes of small red forest fruits, especially raspberries and wild strawberries. The taste of the wine is pleasant elegant, harmonious, with just the right amount of unfermented sugar residues to highlight its fruity character, freshness of tartaric acid and a mild level of alcohol. It has a dominant perception of tiny red fruits: cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, currants and strawberries, as well as ripe red apples and cornelian jam, cherries and in a long aftertaste you can also feel the red oranges.

Pairing suggestions:The Erzetič Damski (Ladies') Rosé is the perfect companion for carefree summer days. It is recommended to be served with dishes which creatively merge flavours of the sea with those of the forest, such as noodles with shrimps, mussels, and mushrooms, omelettes with vegetable fillings and other egg dishes, fish soups, salmon or trout, tuna steak tartar, or it can be simply served next to a plate of olives. Depending on the type of food, the ideal serving temperature is between 7 and 13 °C.