Alcohol: 13 vol %
Total acidity: 5,14 g/l
Variety: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot
Type of wine: red, dry
Vintage: 2000

About wine: The Pepi wine is named after the great grandfather of today's landowner Andrej. It was produced in 2000 from optimally matured and dried grapes, which were chosen by careful selection. Its specialty is that it matures twice in new barrique barrels. The first maturation lasted for 24 months, after which it was transferred to different new barrique barrels for another 12 months.

The Pepi wine is of a deep pomegranate red colour. The scent is rich, mature, and it is reminiscent of dried fruit, raisins, marmalade, cinnamon, and leather. On the palate it pleases us with plenty of tannins, moderate acids and an elegant medium body. The notes of fresh wood are beautifully integrated. The character on the palate increases as it culminates to a long, long finish.

It is the Song of Songs of red wine and boutique series, which is why we filled it exclusively in magnum bottles. In magnums the wine will mature and delight for years to come...